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Who are we?

The OCR Solo Mudders are a group of people brought together through the world of OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) and similar events.

You may already know that the OCR community is full of friendly faces and great people that are always willing to help, all you have to do is shout and a hand will reach out. As a group we're here to be by your side should you want to take part in an event, but not do it alone.

A mudder always by your side

This is our one line mission statement and slogan. Have a look at why people have joined us in the past this list isn't exclusive!

We have OCR Solo Mudders of all abilities that run all over the United Kingdon and Europe we will always do our best to help anyone get though an event. Some of our fitter runners have been know to run back and forward to get extra distance in whilst helping others.

If you have any questions at all it's best to join us on facebook (see below). We're a friendly bunch, but you can always reach out to the admin team if you'd like a smaller audience at first.

The OCR Solo Mudders support our members being in other groups and like to partner with other groups where it help acheieve the aim of helping more people into the world of OCR.

See you in the MUD! or on facebook first

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